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About Us


Exportcircless; Palestinian Company for Exports is a leading exporting and marketing Palestinian products in the world markets. The Company is run and managed by competent highly qualified expertise whose ambition is to serve the Palestinian product and positioning it to the international markets; therefore; it mostly focuses on cooperating with the SMEs, micro enterprises, and cooperative societies and women organizations.


Exportcircless endeavors to empower the Palestinian products and enterprises that are incapable of exporting or reaching the international markets; so as to be able to launch their products in the international markets via the company’s exporting services; i.e. indirect exporting which our company is attaining an important role in its context. Ultimately, this will contribute to the expansion of production and revenues, leading to profits growth which consequently will fortify the capacities of these enterprises to cope with the changes taking place in the local market as well as to grow and expand horizontally and vertically.


Assist the Palestinian Producers to export their products in order to develop their sales, increase their profits and raise the value of their exports in the international markets via indirect exporting that our company will carry out on their behalf.


To have Exportcircless recognized as the foster company for marketing, exporting and developing the Palestinian Enterprises’ products and deliver the Palestinian product to all international markets.


The Company aims at increasing the revenues of the Palestinian Producers and delivering their products to the international markets via:

  1. Expanding the exported Palestinian basket
  2. Increasing the value and quantities of the Palestinian products
  3. Creating a Palestinian brand name that is associated with high quality and meets international standards and specifications.
  4. Expanding and increasing the reach out of the Palestinian product in the international markets
  5. Increase and expanding the Palestinian Production base

OUR SERVICES                                                                                  

  1. Indirect Export of the Palestinian products to the targeted international markets through:
    • Purchasing the products and selling them in the international markets
    • Conducting commercial mediation processes
    • Establishing Online Store service                                                                                      
    • Developing the quality, packing and packaging of the products
  2. Providing logistic services, shipping, custom clearance and deliverance (land, air, maritime)

Exportcircless will provide the logistics services to its customers by adopting a sublime goal which is providing the appropriate service in a timely manner at the right price.