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Olive Oil
Studies show that the first olive tree was planted in Palestine- the ... More
Sesame Oil
Top 11 Sesame Seed Oil Benefits: Promote Healthy, Beautiful ... More
Black Seeds Oil
Top 7 Black Seed Oil Benefits: Prevents Cancer Liver Health Diabetes Weight ... More
Medjoul Dates
The Palestinian Al-Medjoul Dates are widely known for their unique ... More
Dried Herbs
All the Palestinian products are natural not-irrigated products that ... More
Freekeh (crushed green flour), Maftool (Couscous), Burghul and others. These ... More
there are diverse types of pickles on the top of which is the green ... More
OLive Paste
... More
Palestine Honey
the unique and peculiar weather of Palestine, in spite of its relatively ... More
Palestinian Honey with Black Seeds Paste
it is a plant that grows in Palestine and known for a long time; it ... More
Tahina (Sesame Paste)
Tahina industry is considered one of the ancient Palestinian industries ... More
It is one of the old traditional desserts in the Palestinian society ... More
Nigella Sativa / Black Seeds
it is a plant that grows in Palestine and known for a long time; it ... More
Premium Palestinian Cheese
... More
Olive Oil Soap
the City of Nablus is the most famous for producing the olive oil ... More
Handmade Ceramic
this industry is mainly focused in the cities of Hebron and Bethlehem. ... More
Traditional Handicraft Products
the traditional industries have peculiar importance in Palestine for ... More